1. We finally managed to _____ the committee's approval of our plans.
A. secure B. arouse C. acquire D. exert

[答案] A. secure.

[注釋] secure acquire 鈞有“得到”的含義,但 secure vt. 此處的意思是(=succeed in getting sth. for which there is a great demand)“獲得(所需之物)”.

The boy has acquire a fire knowledge of geography.(這男孩已得到一點地理知識。)可見,根據題意應選secure.

2. I have such a bad cold that I have lost all _____ of smell.
A. degree B. sense C. strength D. scent

[答案] B. sense.

[注釋] sense 意為“(五官的)感覺”,如:
People have five senses: sight,hearing,smell,taste and touch. scent 氣味,香味。

3. She is so _____ that she cried for days when her pet rabbit died.
A. sensitive B. sensible C. imaginative D.impressive

[答案] A. sensitive

[注釋] sensitive敏感的(to),易受傷害的,靈敏的。sensible明智的(of),通情達理的。imaginative有想象力。impressive的給人留下印象的,感人的。

4. The lorry driver was badly _____ when his lorry crashed into a wall.
A. damaged B. hit C. hurt D. harmed

[答案] C. hurt

[注釋] damage損壞;harm對.....有害;hurt(精神上或肉體上)傷害; hit打擊; pain(精神上或肉體上)痛苦。

5. I caught a _____ of the car before it disappeared around the bend.
A. glance B. glimpse C. glare D. gleam

[答案] B. glimpse

[注釋] catch (or get) a glimpse of瞥見(強調行為的結果)。
take a glance (or look) at看一眼(強調行為過程本身)。

6. The car salesman took the customer for a driver in the new model in order to _____ its improved features.
A. advocate B.demonstrate C.exhibit D. reveal

[答案] B. demonstrate

[注釋] advocate擁護,提倡。exhibit展覽,陳列。reveal揭示,暴露。
demonstrate(=show clearly by giving proof or example)(用實例,證據)證明,表演。

7. The rainbow _____ as the sun came fully out from behind the clouds.
A. dissolved B. removed C. resigned D. disappeared

[答案] D. disappeared


8. All too _____ it was time to go back to school after the glorious summer holidays.
A. often B. fast C. soon D. late

[答案] C. soon

[注釋]all too實在太......,all too soon意為太快了,帶有惋惜的意味,如:
1.Tom had snatched a short holiday from his work to come here.
2.He said it ended all too soon.(湯姆趁工作之暇匆匆來此渡一短假,他說,假期過得太快了。)

9. Deserts, dry areas with _____ no vegetation, cover more than one-third of the Earth's land surface.
A. surprisingly B. eventually
C. permanently D. virtually

[答案] D. virtually

[注釋]virtually(=almost, very nearly; in every way that is really important)幾乎,事實上,實際上;
My book is virtually finished,I have only a few changes to make in the writing.( 我的書幾乎寫完了,我只要在作品中再作一點修改就可以了。)


10. After dinner the minister made a short _____ to the guests.
A. delivery B.pronunciation C.conversation D. speech

[答案] D. speech

[注釋]make a speech to sb.(向某人做演講)。

make conversation with sb.(和某人閑談conversation常與下列動詞搭配:
get (enter) into conversation with(和.....攀談起來),
have a conversation with(與.....談話),
interrupt (break off) conversation(中斷談話),
turn the conversation to other matters(把話題轉到其他問題上)

His report was good, but his delivery was poor.( 他的報告內容很好,但他的口才太差)。