If President Donald Trump were a food, what food would he be?

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If Trump were a food he’d be a creampuff filled with poisoned and infectious cream filling. The gooey cream would be chock full of lead, mercury, measles, polio, arsenic and salmonella.The “Trumpuff” might have looked good to some, but soon they’ll start feeling queasy…

獲得15k好評的回答@Cal Galicia

You expect this food to be good. It’s also super-expensive, and also illegal in some countries. However, you buy it, expectations high. And…it’s not bad. But, it’s not that great either, and you realize you could’ve used your money to buy something a LOT better. Some people say that it’s good, and others say that it’s illegal to make and cruel to geese. Next time, you’ll know to spend your money more wisely.

獲得20.8k好評的回答@Kalo Alexandra

I’m thinking of something?frivolous, expensive and obviously pointless. N.Y. chefs say gold leaf topping is tasteless on $2,000 pizza That’s not quite right, but it’s pretty close. And for dessert?

獲得17.7k好評的回答@Andrew Cheng

Some people see the dandelion as a flower. The Republicans see Trump as a gem to democracy. Other people see it as, “Ugh, it’s time to weed the garden.”The Democrats see a racist fascist that they have to remove.
(圖片上不是菊花)一些人把蒲公英看成是一種花就像共和黨人把特朗普看成是民主的一塊瑰寶。但是其他人看到蒲公英的反映是,“要開始清理花園的野草了” 民主黨人看到一個種族主義的法西斯分子,他們必須移除。

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Deep-fried pizza.Look. Unappealing, has an ugly orange tan, fatty, and has so many issues with it you don’t even know where to start. DO YOU NOT SEE THE SIMILARITIES?

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Cheetos are the obvious answer for the #OrangeMenace, aka. the #CheetoDictator. This looks like the perfect one: