Victoria’s Secret is finally getting the message: It needs to change if it wants to resonate with millennial consumers.


Its parent company L Brands announced it is “rethinking” the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In a memo to employees, L Brands CEO Les Wexner said that network television might no longer be the “right fit” for the glitzy event, reports CNBC.
其母公司L Brands宣布要“重新思考”一年一度的維密秀。據CNBC報道,L Brands公司首席執行官Les Wexner在發給員工的內部信中說網絡電視可能不再“適合”這一大秀了。


The show aired on CBS and ABC for nearly 20 years, but ratings took a hit in recent years. This past December saw its lowest ratings ever, with just 3.3 million viewers. The year prior, it had 5 million. Many viewers take issue with the fashion show’s lack of body sizes and diversity, as well as failure to include trans models.

In the fall, Australian model Robyn Lawley penned a viral post that called on viewers to boycott the once heralded event. “Victoria’s Secret has dominated the space for almost 30 years by telling women there is only one kind of body beautiful,” she wrote on Instagram. “It’s time Victoria’s Secret recognized the buying power and influence of women of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicities.”
去年秋天,澳大利亞模特Robyn Lawley發布了一篇引發熱議的文章,號召觀眾抵制這一早就做好宣傳的盛事。她在Instagram上寫道:“維密掌控這一領域近30年,向女性宣揚只有一種身材是漂亮的,是時候讓維密知道各個年齡段、各種身型、各種身材和各個種族女性的購買力和影響力了。”

As such, Victoria’s Secret will consider a “new kind of event,” wrote Wexner. “Fashion is a business of change. We must evolve and change to grow.” The memo offered no more specifics on the new format.